Yellowfin Tuna - Thunnus albacares (Ahi)

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares  (Ahi)


World-wide in tropic and subtropic oceans



Method of Capture:

Hand Line, Long Line, Hook & Line, Troll, Purse Seine

Sustainability Consideration:

Yellowfin is fished in oceans around the globe that are regulated under many different governing bodies, so making the sustainable choice isn't without some effort. Please purchase tuna that was caught using troll, hook & line, or hand line. Tuna from the waters of the United States by longline is a better second choice. Avoid tuna caught by longline outside of US waters, and avoid purse seine captured tuna altogether.

Size Range:

40 to 100 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Mild, fine, meaty flavor with a firm, dense texture

Cooking Tips:

sauté, grill, serve raw, confit, sear