White Sturgeon - Acipenser transmontanus

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of White Sturgeon -  Acipenser transmontanus


Washington - (wild) / California - (farmed)


Farmed year-round, sproradic in the wild

Method of Capture:

Gillnet, Farmed

Sustainability Consideration:

Sturgeon are farmed in closed systems with no environmental impact. In the wild, sturgeon are closely monitored with weekly landing limits per fisherman during openings. On tribal lands, the populations are monitored for stability in much the same way.

Size Range:

10 to 30 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Mild, mossy and rich buttery flavor with a firm-springy juicy, moist texture

Cooking Tips:

braise, sauté, broil, bake, smoke, grill