White Shrimp - Litopenaeus setiferu

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of White Shrimp,  Litopenaeus setiferu


Gulf of Mexico to The Carolinas



Method of Capture:

Trawl, with teds and birds

Sustainability Consideration:

The environmental impact can vary greatly, depending on the type of bottom being fished. The use of teds and birds has helped mitigate bycatch. There are two different management bodies that govern two fisheries; one for the Atlantic and one for the Gulf of Mexico, each setting distinct seasons and regulations.

Size Range:

by the piece per pound (6-10), (11-12), (13-15), (16-20), (21-25), (26-30), (31-40), (41-50)

Flavor and Texture:

Sweet, briny and clean with a firm and slightly crunchy texture

Cooking Tips:

grill, sauté, poach, boil, fry, broil