Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Sockeye Salmon,  Oncorhynchus nerka




Early Summer

Method of Capture:

River Gillnet, Troll (occasional)

Sustainability Consideration:

Sockeye salmon are filter feeders and don't typically bite at bait, so are caught with gill nets at the mouths of rivers. This method of capture assures that sockeye spawning the specific rivers they were hatched from are caught. These rivers are monitored by Fish and Game so that a sufficient numbers of the sockeye are allowed up-river before the fishing season is opened.

Size Range:

3 pounds to 10 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Rich, but not fatty, with a clean flavor and smooth, slightly firm texture

Cooking Tips:

sauté, broil, bake, steam, grill, serve raw, pan roast, quick cure & marinate