Snook - Centropomus undecimalis (Robalo)

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Snook -  Centropomus undecimalis  (Robalo)


Southern Florida to Mexico


Periodically year-round

Method of Capture:

Gill net, Trawl, and Hook & Line

Sustainability Consideration:

Strict size and harvest limits and closures during spawning season, as well as inshore commercial gill netting bans have helped snook recover over the last decade. A popular game fish, efforts are being made by ad hoc groups composed of scientists and fishermen to look at options such as reducing catch and release mortality rates and limiting the number of trophy fishing permits. The inshore sea grass and mangrove habitat conservation is key to keeping the populations in recovery.

Size Range:

1 to 5 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Firm, dense texture with a clean, sea-bass-like flavor

Cooking Tips:

sauté, grill, bake, ceviche