Silver Dory - Zenopsis ocellata (American John Dory)

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Silver Dory,  Zenopsis ocellata  (American John Dory)


Northwest Atlantic, New England


Year-round, yet sporadic

Method of Capture:

Trap, Hook & Line, Trawl

Sustainability Consideration:

Silver Dorey is primarily a bycatch fish. The full use of bycatch is important from a waste-not perspective and the full accounting of catch is vital to scientific evaluations of populations and fishing methods.

Size Range:

1 to 4 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Much like the New Zealand Dory, sweet, rich and succulent with a perfectly firm texture and a transparent quality

Cooking Tips:

sauté, braise, grill, bake in gratin