Manila Clam - Venerupis philippinarum

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Manila Clam,  Venerupis philippinarum


California to Washington



Method of Capture:

Farmed in Rack & Bags, and seeded on beaches, and are harvested via a method involving digging up the sand with a tractor and sifting out the clams.

Sustainability Consideration:

Farmed shellfish are different from other farmed fish in that an area is seeded, and the subsequent stages of growth are passive. The shellfish then live out their natural lives, and are harvested once they reach their full sizes. In the meantime they feed themselves by filtering the waters of on algal plankton and organic detritus, enhancing the ecosystems in which they grow.

Size Range:

1 to 2 inches

Flavor and Texture:

Rich clam flavor with a metallic bite and a tender texture

Cooking Tips:

steam, bake, sautée, soups