Bigeye Tuna - Thunnus obesus

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Bigeye Tuna,  Thunnus obesus


World-wide in tropical, temperate oceans



Method of Capture:

Longline, Purse Seine, Hand Line, Troll, Rod & Reel

Sustainability Consideration:

Although the Bigeye grows quickly, reproduces and an early age, and breeds regularly for a life span of the better part of a decade, spawning millions of eggs, it's vulnerable to overfishing because it is so popular. Avoid International longline caught fish. Our domestic longline fishery has strict size and bycatch regulations.

Size Range:

40 to 200 pounds in the round

Flavor and Texture:

Mild, meaty flavor with a firm, juicy, smooth texture

Cooking Tips:

serve raw, grill, sauté, bake, confit