Bay Scallop - Argopecten irradians

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Monterey Fish Market Seafood Index photograph of Bay Scallops,  Argopecten irradians


New York to Cape Cod


November 1st through March 1st

Method of Capture:

Dip Net, Dredge, Diver

Sustainability Consideration:

These breed quickly, but are subject to fluctuations in population because of mortality from brown tides. Bay Scallops can be harvested only when the air temperature is above 28ºF, so that when they are sorted, those that are too small can be returned to the ocean without freezing to death.

Size Range:

1.5 to 2 inches

Flavor and Texture:

Sweet, rich and buttery, yet slightly briny, with a tender-firm texture

Cooking Tips:

serve raw, sauté, bake