Link to these sources for further information and exploration

Environmental and Conservation Sites:

San Francisco Bay Keeper

This has been San Francisco Bay's pollution watchdog since 1989 and an excellent resource
for up-to-date scoops on Bay issues, from wetland protection to runoff statistics.

The Bay Institute

The Bay Institute is the leader in protecting, restoring and inspiring conservation of the San Francisco Bay and its watershed -- from the Sierras to the sea.

The Safina Center

The Safina Center Seafood Health shares reliable information that enlightens personal choices, instills hope, and helps restore living abundance in the ocean.

California Trout

This is a gorgeous website and fabulous resource on all issues California native trout.

Earth Justice

The earth does need a good lawyer, and this site is a pulse point on legal issues and cases involving the environment, including fisheries. This links to a story on Maine fishing stocks.

Environmental Defense Fund

The edf partners with business, government and communities to find practical environmental solutions with a firm base in scientific study and fact.

US Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA website offers us all tools to connect and make a difference in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities. See how our personal and collective clean air choices impact the environment.

US EPA • Trash-Free Waters •

This expansive section of the EPA website describes the impacts of our plastic consumer trash in the world's oceans, and what we can each do, collectively and individually, to help.
Special Thanks to David who attends a middle school outside of Denver for sharing this inspirational link and making a difference, and to his teacher for encouraging and enlightening every day into our future.

The Nature Conservancy

Here's a great site for seeing the impact of groundswell environmental efforts backed by sound scientific research and fundraising resulting in success stories.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is a link to the world-class aquarium, Seafood Watch Program, the aquarium resources, and a huge collection of seafood recipes by talented chefs.


The Natural Resources Defense Council works to protect wildlife and wild places, and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth. Find links on issues and healthy living.


An oceans advocacy non-profit organization which focuses on water/beach quality, fisheries and fish habitat, as well as marine sanctuaries.

Pacific Institute, Peter Glieck

The Pacific Institute is a nonpartisan research institute that works to advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity. Got Science.

Restore The Delta

Restore the Delta seeks the reduction of water exports to restore and sustain the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's ecosystem, and to improve water quality.

Save Our Wild Salmon

Working collectively to restore populations of wild salmon and steelhead to rivers, streams and oceans of the Pacific Salmon states, SOWS lays out the challenges, and the job ahead.

Save The Bay

STB's been cleaning up and Saving the San Francisco Bay since 1961 through wetlands restoration, and action with results. Click here to learn, explore, connect and see the upcoming events.


SeaWeb is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to strategically communicating about ocean issues, and serves as an objective and credible source of information.

Wild Aid

Wild Aid creates public awareness campaigns, like that on Shark Fins, from grass-roots to government level, and produces projects encouraging conservation participation.

World Wildlife Fund

WWF combines global reach with a foundation in science, involving action at every level for innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

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Government Sanctuary Protection and Seafood Safety Regulation:

Bad Bug Book

Welcome to the Food and Drug Administration's Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook. When you want all the facts, this is where to go.

California Ocean Protection Council

The mission of the California Ocean Protection Council is to ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive coastal ecosystems

Fish Watch NOAA

FishWatch can help you make informed decisions about the seafood you eat by providing the most accurate and up-to-date information on seafood available in the U.S.

HACCP: State of the art on Food Safety

Preventive control systems with documentation and verification are the most effective approach available for producing safe food. Health Inspections are Vital to Public Health.

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Educational Resources:

National Geographic Society

Fostering Education for Us All, this site offers teaching resources such as activities and lessons, as well as the stunning maps, photos, libraries and archives of extensive research. This link will take you to exploration of Fishereis, then you can take it from there. Caveat: adjust your posture and give yourself plenty of time with this site.

CUESA - The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is operated by CUESA

The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture is the A-Z site for learning about what sustainable food is, from the farms to farmers markets to the kitchen.

Dr. Nicholas Ralston - Selenium and Mercury Video

This is a link to a youtube video interview of Dr. Nicholas Ralston on Selenium that took place at the International Seafood and Health Conference in November of 2010.

Ray Hilborn - Seafood Summit Video

Ray Hilborn is a professor of Aquatic and Fisheries Science at the University of Washington. This is a youtube link to his address at the 2011 Seafood Summit.

Ray Hilborn - New York Times Editorial "Let Us Eat Fish"

Here's a link to the letters to the editor in response to the Op-ed that appeared on April 15, 2011 (that includes a quick link to original). Interesting food for thought.

Dr. Milton Love

The Love Lab is Dedicated to Good Science & Self Aggrandizement and is an extensive source of information of all things Rockfish, to say the least. Sea Life Tatoos anyone?

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Fisheries Management Organizations:

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance

Started in 1991 by the local fishing fleet, this is the leading community fisheries organization in New England, breaking ground on stewardship & catch share issues. This site has links to their beautiful videos of fishing.

The Greater Farallones Association

Established in 1995, FMSA is the nonprofit partner that supports and assists the Farallones Marine Sanctuary in outreach and stewardship. The Home Page Video not to be missed.

Golden Gate Salmon Association

GGSA is made up of fishermen and environmentalists working together on behalf of the Central Valley salmon for its long-term sustainability. Salmon recovery is their passion.

Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen

PCFFA, the largest, most politically active trade association of commercial fishermen on the west coast, assures the rights of fishermen for the survival of fishing as a livelihood.

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Seafood Industry:

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Loads of recipes and information on healthy fisheries and why we should support them, all the way to our tables.

Marine Stewardship Council

This is a link to the MSC's seafood watch program; fishery certification and seafood
eco-labeling that recognizes and rewards sustainable fishing.

National Fisheries Institute

This is a trade associated site that is a resource for science based research, especially on health and nutrition.

Community Organizations:

Slow Food Russian River

Slow Food Russian River passionately supports the cause of sustainable fisheries.

Videos of Note That We Highly Recommend:

Would You Eat Dogfish? Dogfishing on Cape Cod

Scroll down the page of this interesting article for a video that takes us out into the waters off of Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts with Captain Tuttle of the Cape Cod Fishermen's Alliance as he demonstrates longline fishing for Spiny Dogfish, or Cape Shark, from this Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery.

Can this project clean up millions of tons of plastic?

PBS News Hour explores the brilliance and challenges of a potential method for removing some of the millions of tons of plastic garbage presently floating in our oceans and damaging vast ecosystems and wildlife. Can this be a component in eventually stabilizing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Watch this 8 minute segment.

Salmon: Running the Gauntlet - A full 50 minute program

This fine film produced by PBS investigates the collapsing Pacific salmon populations and how biologists and engineers have become instruments in experiments to replicate stages of the fish's life cycle. Various efforts of legislators, biologists, engineers, conservationists, fishermen, consumers and citizens can and will restore salmon numbers.

Red Gold - A 4 minute trailer of the film

This is a link to a trailer for the film Red Gold, about the salmon fishery of Bristol Bay, Alaska where there are plans to develop the world's largest open pit mine. The trailer alone is stunning and edifying, and we don't think you'll be sorry you watched.

Saving the Bay - Five 5-minute episode encapsulation trailers

Saving the Bay is the Award-Winning Documentary exploring the history of the waters of San Francisco Bay and the larger northern California watershed. It becomes the story of how the Bay was saved by a citizen movement spearheaded by three women of the East Bay Hills. We ordinary citizens can have an impact. If you missed this series on PBS, here is a taste of the four-part series, and access to purchase or schedule a view of the films.


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